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Bacon Lover's Feast
Bacon! The name alone triggers memories of lazy Sunday brunches, hot winter breakfasts, a crisp and smoky indulgence on a sandwich, or luxuriously ringing a choice cut of filet mignon. No matter what connotation, a thick cut of your favorite bacon brings to mind, you are sure to love this sampler of three different bacons. It includes a sampling of three different regional styles - Southern, Northern and European - will nuances that range from sweet and salty to peppery to gamey.
  • Broadbent's Kentucky Bacon: A smoked bacon from one of our favorite Southern producers. Broadbent has been making bacon for over 100 years, theirs is dry rubbed so there is less shrinking in the pan. (14 oz)
  • Vermont Smoke and Cure Bacon: Representing the North, Vermont Smoke and Cure makes what the New York Times calls "possibly the finest bacon on the planet!" Its unique preparation has it brined with maple syrup and smoked over corn cobs and maple wood. (10 oz)
  • Hickory Smoked Virginia Bacon: The Edwards family has produced Virginia's finest hams, bacon, and sausage since 1926. They still use Pop Pop's curing recipe and still smoke bacon the way he taught: slowly and patiently in your own smoke house. (12 oz)
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