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A Barbecue to Remember
If you're looking forward to enjoying the Summer weather, visiting with friends and family, but not getting bogged down with lots of prep work in the kitchen, has an easy solution for you. Our grilling sauce sampler has everything you need for a great afternoon of relaxing and grilling, including all of our favorites!

This assortment includes:

  • Chimmichurri: A staple in Argentina. Magnificently bold, complex in flavor. Chimichurri is a mix of fresh herbs, garlic, vinegar and oil that enhance the natural taste of beef, chicken, poultry or seafood. (14 oz)
  • Sweet & Smokey BBQ Sauce by JB's Best: This is BBQ sauce the way it should be! Brown sugar, natural spices, and a robust, spicy ale with notes of chocolate Drawn & Portered from local brewery Jackie O's. (12 oz)
  • Papaya Lime Serrano Sauce: The lime and serrano peppers add zing to the flavor of papaya! Baste salmon or white fish for delicious flavor or add it to your next fruit salad and make it sing. (15 oz)
  • Honey Mustard BBQ Sauce by Vino de Milo: Hints of amber and lightly-roasted malt pair beautifully with honey & locally-sourced mustard in this classic grill sauce Firefly Amber Ale from local brewery Jackie O's. (12 oz)
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