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Chocolate Bars of the World Gift Box
For the worldly chocoholic, this is the perfect gift to answer their cravings! Five different chocolate bars from around the world make up this collection, all nestled in an signature gift box. Our Chocolate Bars of the World Gift Box offers a selection of pure and uniquely flavored chocolate bars, including:
  • Audere Gourmet Chocolate Bar: From Audere comes the ultimate Italian gourmet treat. Based in the Piedmont region at the foot of the Italian Alps, near the Swiss border, the makers at Audere are some of the most passionate chocolatiers in the world. (3.5 oz)
  • Michel Cluizel Dark Chocolate Bar: Michel Cluizel has been making chocolate in the southern Normandy region of France to an exclusively high standard, in the French chocolate making tradition, since 1948.
  • Sarotti German Chocolate Bar: German chocolate is famous the world over for its pristine quality and deliciousness.
  • Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate Bar: Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate is smooth and sweet, the result of over 100 years of expertise.
  • Organic Spanish Chocolate Bar by Blanxart: Organically grown and produced, this gourmet chocolate bar even looks organic, with its Kraft-colored paper wrapping.
  • Gourmet Fields Costa Rican Chocolate Bars: Gourmet Fields offers a line of premium chocolate bars whose entire production - from beans to bars - is controlled in Costa Rica.
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