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Specialty Meats Gift Tray
Send this collection of the world's finest cured meats to your favorite carnivore. It includes:
  • Spanish Chorizo by Palacios: This wonderful authentic Spanish Chorizo is perfect for tapas or snacking. Its meat and natural ingredients are carefully selected, creating a smoky, earthy, sweet and tangy sausage. (7.9 oz)
  • Hengestenberg German Mustard: Made from a mixture of yellow and brown mustard seed, harmoniously combined with vinegar, salt, and spices. (3.5 oz)
  • Sopressata by Beretta: Fratelli Beretta, (producer of Prosciutto di Parma®, Mortadella, Salami, and other Italian specialties) is a family business that has enjoyed success for almost two centuries, owing to their dedication to producing products with the finest ingredients. The statement "La qualitá é una tradizione di famiglia" (Quality is a family tradition) is the motto that guides the company. Sopressata is a style of pork salami that is characterized by a distinctive flavor. 6 oz)
  • Pepperettes by Olympic Provisions: Olympic Provisions has been smoking pork sticks (with really good pork, in natural casings, over hickory and apple woods) since their beginning. They recently started making these little shorties and wrapped them up in a cute pocket-sized box. (2 oz)
  • Busseto Dry Cured Salami: Busseto Dry Salamis have been slowly air-dried and seasoned to perfection. (10 oz)
  • Prosciutto di San Daniele by Principe: This is our favorite brand of San Daniele prosciutto, imported directly from Italy. A must have for any traditional antipasto or charcuterie course. (1 oz)
  • Gift Presentation: Hand assembled on a bamboo tray, finished with an elegant dark brown ribbon.
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