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Vino de Milo Pasta Lover's Basket
We love the healthy, vibrant flavor of Vino di Milo No Sugar Added Pasta Sauce, and wanted to create a taste that we could share with the world. These all-natural, no-sugar added pasta sauces are great for saucing your favorite noodles, gnocchi, or meatballs. Unlike many food companies, Vino de Milo makes all of the products themselves, using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. This gift basket includes:
  • Tuscan Merlot: Roasted squash and eggplant unite in this hearty sauce accentuated by crisp merlot wine and lots of fresh herbs. Excellent over steak, lamb, poached salmon, or atop a bed of angel hair pasta. (16 oz)
  • Roasted Garlic Chianti: Roasted garlic, big-bodied Chianti wine, fresh basil and parsley, and even more roasted garlic gives this pasta sauce a huge garlic flavor. (16 oz)
  • Bruschetta by Vino de Milo: This bruschetta is perfect to serve to your guests on crostini as an antipasto course before the pasta. Fresh, aromatic flavors fill this all-natural spread. (8 oz)
  • Parmigiano Reggiano Top Grade: America's Test Kitchen and Cook's Illustrated have both voted's Parmigiano Reggiano #1 in their quest to find the best Parmesan in America today. (7.5 oz)
  • Pecorino Romano by Zerto: Pecorino Romano is Italy's oldest cheese, dating back to ancient Roman times. This hard sheep's milk cheese is typically aged for one year and used as a grating cheese. (7.5 oz)
  • Caponi Tuscan Pasta: Headed by two brothers, Andrea e Alessandro Tagliagambe, Caponi only use durum wheat flour, because of the high protein content, and fresh eggs, split by hand and rigorously inspected by a quality controller. (8.8 lb)
  • Verrigni Gold Die Cut Pasta: Imported from Abruzzo, Italy, Verrigni is the only "golden die" pasta in the world. Gold die gives Verrigni pasta a more intense wheat taste and a richer yellow color, providing a distinctly unique experience. (1.1 lb)
  • Gift Presentation: Hand assembled in a high-strength stainless steel colander, finished with an elegant dark brown ribbon.
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