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For The Bacon Lover Gift Crate
For the porcine-loving carnivore, we’re proud to offer this bacon-bonanza. Packed with enough pork to win a blue ribbon at the county fair, enjoy the sweet and smoky taste of bacon for weeks to come! This gift crate includes:
  • Juniper Smoked Bacon by Nodines: This bacon is smoked with real southern juniper berries and hickory hardwood, creating a truly unique rustic flavor. (16 oz)
  • Hickory Smoked Virginia Bacon: The Edwards family has produced Virginia's finest hams, bacon, and sausage since 1926. They still use Pop Pop's curing recipe and still smoke bacon the way he taught: slowly and patiently in your own smoke house. (12 oz)
  • Broadbent's Kentucky Bacon: Broadbent old-fashioned country smoked bacon has been made the same way for the last 100 years. Working out of their smoke house in Kentucky, every slab is hand rubbed with dry cure ingredients, then slow smoked for an unforgettable flavor. (14 oz)
  • Smoky Bacon Cheddar by Cabot: The ideal comfort food: rich, smoky bacon and the "World's Best Cheddar"! This bacon-studded white cheddar is the perfect balance of sharp cheddar bite and old-fashioned smokey bacon richness. (8 oz)
  • Skillet Bacon Spread: To make Bacon Spread, Skillet Street Food takes a big bunch of really, really good bacon and renders it down with a bunch of spices and onions. To help the flavors concentrate they let it simmer for about 6 hours, then give it a quick puree and you have bacon jam! (7 oz)
  • Bacon Butter: Made from 100% Beurre de Baratte, Bacon Butter is the perfect and simplest addition to any pasta, eggs, omelette, or savory crêpes. Real hickory smoked bacon adds extra savor and richess to this new take on a classic compound butter. (3 oz)
  • Chocolate and Bacon Candy Bar : The newest flavor from Vosges, the inimitable Mo's Chocolate and Bacon Candy Bar, combines smoky bacon and rich dark chocolate. (3 oz)
  • Maple Bacon Salt Caramels: Mouthwatering savory bacon meets Vermont maple syrup for the perfect balance of flavor. Infused with bold flavors of smokey savor, each caramel is dusted with a sprinkling of gourmet salt, yielding intriguing tastes from first bite to last! (2.1 oz)
  • Bacon and Cheddar Seasoned Peanuts: At The Peanut Shop of Williamsburg all of their Virginia Peanuts are prepared by a head Roastmaster in small batches, using the same time-honored recipes. (10.5 oz)
  • Maple Bacon Mustard: A true specialty and the perfect secret ingredient for the home chef, this is the ultimate blend of sweet maple and smoky bacon folded into whipped mustard. (11.5 oz)
  • Gift Presentation: Hand assembled in a rustic wooden gift crate, this basket is finished with an elegant dark brown ribbon.
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