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Italian Callipo Tuna Gift Set in Wooden Box
An elegant gift for any Italian food lover, this wooden gift box contains two gourmet items from Callipo, the world famous Italian producer of premium quality tuna. Any lover of fine foods would truly appreciate having this perfect pairing in his or her pantry. Details:
  • Gold Reserve Tuna Belly (Ventresca): When a whole tuna is caught and processed at Callipo's plant in Calabria, the most sought after part is the fatty underbelly. Ventresca is like the foie gras of the tuna world. It is the richest, smoothest tuna you will ever experience. Because of the high demand for belly tuna in Japan for sushi, Ventresca is always in short supply.
  • Italian Tuna Loins in Olive Oil in Glass Jar: This is the tuna to seek out when you want to enjoy tuna at its finest. Callipo fillets the finest cuts of tuna, then hand-inserts the select loins into glass jars. The tuna is then ripened in olive oil for at least three months before sale, giving the tuna enough time to absorb the wonderful flavors of the 100% Italian olive oil.
  • Gift Presentation: Elegantly hand-packed in a hot-branded wooden box with sliding lid. Wood box is proudly made in the USA.