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Alaskan Salmon Caviar
Deep orange with a big pop. This red-orange roe comes from the most prized Alaskan Pacific "Chum" salmon. Its giant natural-colored succulent eggs are surprisingly mild. Best served with sour cream or cream cheese.

This is an excellent choice for many reasons. Salmon Caviar contains many nutrients and is high in protein. This crisp and clean Caviar can be enjoyed in many ways. Simply serve on toast with some butter and a drop of lemon, or use the fine large pearls to enhance the texture and appeal of an appetizer. This Salmon Caviar has a clean Salmon taste with a hint of the Sea Salt flavor. With its vibrant color of red-orange and its giant natural-colored succulent eggs Salmon Caviar has a crisp and clean taste that will just explode in your mouth. We provide the finest highest quality of roe that comes from the most prized Alaskan Salmon Caviar. Serves 2-4 people.

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