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Iranian Pearl Asetra 000 Caviar
This is very special as it has been at least 8 years since this Osetra has been imported. Creamy, smooth and succulent, Iranian Pearl Asetra Caviar ((Russian Sturgeon / A. Gueldenstaedtii) evokes a bold and nutty flavor. The pearls are medium to large with a smooth finishing taste. This Iranian Pearl Asetra Caviar is processed under the guidance of Caspian Fisheries and Management Authorities and their team of Artisanal Salt Masters whom have perfected the ancient and secret techniques to produce the highest graded and finest quality Caviar in the world without question. Iranian Pearl Asetra 000 is the closest one can get to the traditional wild Caspian caviar with a clear mind that one is indulging in an eco-sustainable and earth-friendly selection of caviar. Fresh Caviar is shipped overnight in thermo-secure boxes with ice packs, guaranteeing pure satisfaction. 2-3 Servings.
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