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Maine Lobster and Seafood Casserole Sampler
Try a casserole sampling of Hancock's famous, award-winning Lobster Mac & Cheese, Lobster Risotto, Shellfish Formaggio, and Crab Quattro Formaggio. A flawless combination of mouth-watering seafood, all topped with a crunchy mix of panko bread crumbs and a garlic herbed butter. Made from the freshest Maine seafood and all natural ingredients; perfect for any gathering of family or friends. 1 casserole (14 oz.) is 2 servings, 8 servings per Sampler.

In 1946, Hazel Ellis Hancock started a lobster restaurant in Ogunquit, Maine. For 25 years, Nana ran that restaurant with her two sisters, Fannie and Mina, and they taught their children and grandchildren (Hancock Gourmet Lobster Co. founder Cal Hancock among them) well. The restaurant is still in the Hancock family, and is still serving the finest Maine lobster available to its many customers. As Nana taught, Cal only uses the freshest, all-natural ingredients. None of Cal's products have preservatives, and all use an abundance of fresh Maine lobster meat and seafood. Products are made in small batches to preserve the integrity of the long-held recipes and are prepared daily.

  • Four casseroles (14 oz each). Shipped frozen. Please refrigerate or freeze upon receipt. Refrigerated shelf-life is 4 days. Frozen shelf-life is 9 months As the product is pre-cooked, partial or complete thawing will not impact product integrity, simply place in the freezer until the day before you are ready to prepare.
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