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Size: 4 pints
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Honeysuckle Sorbet - 4 Pint Sampler
Each ounce of Honeysuckle Gelato and Sorbet is made from scratch in Atlanta using the finest and freshest ingredients. Their dairy arrives fresh from small Georgia farms, and they use local farmers markets to supply them with high-quality ingredients. Whenever an ingredient is not available locally, they search the globe in order to bring the most unique and delicious flavors, such as Sri Lankan cinnamon, to their customers. Their sorbets are made with whole fruits and prepped in their kitchen. This dedication to quality is evident in every delicious, indulgent spoonful. This assortment includes 2 flavors, two pints of each:
  • Mango Peach Sorbet (Two Pints)
  • Watermelon Sorbet (Two Pints)
Honeysuckle Gelato's wide range of artisanal treats will surely surpass your expectations. The perfect ending to any meal.
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