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Bison Craft Burger Patties (10 x 4oz) by Rastelli
Rastelli prepares their Craft Burgers just like you would, using a special family recipe. Their craft burgers only include the finest ingredients, with no added artificial ingredients or preservatives. The result is a thick burger with a handmade texture and an incredibly moist and delicious taste. All Rastelli burgers are gluten-free.

Satisfyingly meaty, tender and sweet, Rastelli's Bison Craft Burger comes from grass-fed and grass-finished American buffalo raised without hormones or antibiotics. Simply defrost, or leave frozen, then toss on the grill. With less fat, fewer calories and more protein, it's a premium burger you can feel good about eating anytime.
This pack contains TEN 4 OUNCE burger patties, each individually vacuum packed.

Rastelli burger patties are flash frozen and shipped with dry ice for safe delivery to your door; We guarantee it!
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