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Chorizo Sausage - Pack of 8
A traditional Mexican style sausage made of pork and flavored with chili peppers and paprika. Unlike the Spanish chorizo, this sausage is not dry cured and requires full cooking. Pair with Côtes du Rhône, Cahors, or Madiran wine. Fabrique Délices selects a limited number of "All Natural" meat suppliers according to its high standard of quality. All meats used in their "All Natural" products are guaranteed antibiotic & hormone free. Animals are fed with the purest natural feeds (no animal by-product). All of these natural sausages are free of preservatives, artificial ingredients and nitrites. Based in Hayward, California, between San Francisco and San Jose, Fabrique Delice has been producing artisanal charcuterie in the U.S. since 1985.

Due to the perishable nature of these sausages, they will ship separately from the rest of your order in an igourmet Eco-Cooler. Once thawed shelf life is 7 days refrigerated.