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Empanadas - Appetizer Size (96 pies)
Empanadas are delicious hand pies that originated in the Iberian Peninsula. The recipes for empanadas were carried to the New World by Spanish and Portuguese sailors and are now a staple across Central and South America. Ours come from Coushatta, Louisiana, where one family has been perfecting these savory pastries for nearly 30 years. These 1 oz hand pies are the perfect size for appetizers or game time party platters. Just fry or bake until they're lightly golden brown. Cooking instructions are included on each package. Each package contains 96 one-ounce frozen pies of one filling style. These empanadas are available in many delicious varieties!
  • Original: A beef and pork pie with moderately spicy seasonings.
  • Spicy: The original beef and pork filling, with extra cayenne for that spicy kick!
Varieties Sold separately.
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