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Hot Tamales (Six Dozen)
Tamales are a classic Latin American dish of highly-seasoned meat rolled inside a corn meal masa dough, then baked or steamed inside a corn husk. Fat Mama's Tamales started to take form in the mid 1980's, when a local woman who made tamales in Natchez, Mississippi passed away, her absence left Natchez with a need for tamales. Jimmy and Britton Gammill began attempting to make tamales each Saturday, when friends and family would come over to the house to relax and ultimately pitch in on the labor required to make, roll, wrap and tie tamales. After the first few attempts the tamale recipe began to take form and improvements were made weekly, producing better and better tamales. Over a period of two years, Jimmy and Britton perfected the tamale recipe, and friends and family were soon ordering tamales each week from the house. After producing tamales in the house for a short period, Jimmy and Britton decided to open a small tamale restaurant in Natchez and sell their tamales to the public.

Now you too can enjoy these same hot tamales, straight from Mississippi! Each order includes Six Dozen of Fat Mama's famous Hot Tamales. These tamales are made with a combination of beef and pork in masa, all wrapped in a real corn husk. They will be shipped frozen, and come complete with heating instructions. All you need to do is open up your favorite beer.

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