St. Supery Cheese Pairing Collection

St. Supery Cheese Pairing Collection

St. Supery Estate

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St. Supéry Estate Chef Tod Kawachi has curated the perfect pairing cheeses to go with St. Supery wines. With over an acre of culinary gardens and 1200 heirloom fruit tree on the sprawling property of St Supery Vineyards, every drop of the fruit grown on property goes into the production of St. Supéry wines. When a bottle is labeled "estate," a wine must be produced entirely from grapes owned by the winery and made and bottled on the winery property. This high level of control, from grape to glass, ensures the world-class wine quality for which St. Supéry is known.

Chef Tod, has thoughtfully paired these selected cheese to complement the St. Supéry Estate wines. It is with great pleasure that we share his picks for wine pairing with you. Experience the different milks and textures in this (5) cheese collection!

This collection includes:

  • Barely Buzzed by Beehive Cheese Co.: This full-bodied cheese is hand rubbed with a unique blend of espresso and lavender that infuses the cheese with an inviting aroma and taste. Espresso is ground fresh with French Superior Lavender buds and imparts notes of butterscotch and caramel, which are prevalent near the rind, but find their way to the center of the cheese. This 2019 ACS Award Winner is aged on Utah Blue Spruce aging racks in Beehive Cheese Co's humidity controlled caves during the six to eight month aging process to develop texture and flavor. (7.5 oz)
  • Toma by Point Reyes: Toma has a creamy, buttery flavor with a grassy tang in the finish. From the makers of the famous Point Reyes Blue comes Toma, an all natural, pasteurized, semi-hard, table cheese with a natural rind. As a true farmstead cheese producer, Point Reyes in California uses only Grade A milk from their family‘s herd of cows raised from birth right on the property where the cheese is made, which means they have complete control over its quality from start to finish. It also means you’ll never taste the same unique flavors anywhere else. (7.5 oz)
  • Beemster Classic 18-Month Aged Gouda: This edible opus magnum has been matured for eighteen months, allowing its body to develop a muted caramel color, matched by an intense flavor with a sweet finish. The transformation that mild, somewhat ordinary Gouda undergoes during its aging process is simply amazing. Aged Gouda has many layers of nuanced flavor. (7.5 oz)
  • Saint Andre: This soft ripened triple cream from Saint Andre Creamery in France is an amazingly rich and creamy cheese that is made from fresh cow's milk and enriched with pure cream. St. Andre has a bloomy white edible rind and a soft creamy interior similar to Camembert. Its flavor is rich and buttery due to the addition of sweet cream during the cheese making process. Truly divine! (7 oz)
  • Vella Mezzo Secco Monterey Jack: Vella Cheese has been in the world of making great American cheeses since 1931 in the Sonoma Valley of California. The company is now run by his son, Ig Vella, and is famous for its Jack cheeses. Jack cheese was created in the Gold Rush Days in Monterey, California by a Scotsman, named David Jacks. Early twentieth century consumers requested a firmer fresh Jack that would not get runny, yet was not as firm as dry Monterey Jack. A midway formula evolved, hence Mezzo Secco, and was offered for sale from May to October, However, at the end of World War II, when mechanical household refrigeration became cheaply available, Vella stopped making Mezzo Secco. Vella Cheese continues to carry on their legacy of cheesemaking, bringing a delicious Mezzo Secco back on the map. (7.5 oz)
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St. Supery Cheese Pairing Collection

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