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Olivado Extra Virgin Avocado Oil
The Mexicans have long recognized the culinary delights of the avocado, and it is increasingly seen as an ideal fruit for the health-conscious in many countries.

Now, Olivado brings you the best of both worlds - a premium, extra virgin, cold-pressed oil extracted from avocado that is a superb food dressing or cooking oil and also an extremely healthy product. Avocado oil can assist in lowering cholesterol levels and help in the fight against heart disease, and it even relieves prostate problems.

Olivado has become very popular among foodies. Even "The Naked Chef", Jamie Oliver, described Avocado Oil as the next "it" food ingredient on a visit to Australia, in an interview with Elle magazine. Oliver now endorses Olivado Avocado Oil.

The best way to try our products is to use them in food recipes, and we have an ever-increasing selection of tasty ideas for using avocado oil and olive oil in your cooking or an as accompaniment to salads or vegetables.