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Moms Apple Pie Bar by Ticket Chocolate
MOM’S APPLE PIE BAR (white chocolate): Plump apple pieces, buttery? We’ve crust, and traditional apple pie spices all surrounded by creamy couverture white chocolate.

The Ticket Mom’s Apple Pie Bar has captured the essence of homey American , with the white chocolate evoking the vanilla ice cream that tops Mom’s pies to peerless perfection!

Each beloved bar is a tribute to a food the Ticket Company adores, a dish that has meant something big in their lives. Every one of the Ticket Beloved chocolate bars is crafted by hand, among small batches of fellow chocolate bars, using only the finest chocolate, fresh inclusions, and natural flavoring. At Ticket, they like simple, they like fresh, and they like natural.

At Ticket Chocolate, they believe that life’s best moments are often the simplest, which is the approach they take with their chocolate. Ticket uses only the finest couverture chocolate and other ingredients, carefully handcrafting every one of their chocolates in their Northern California kitchens to create chocolate that’s worth lingering over. It’s the perfect treat for late-night visits with old friends, overdue romantic moments, and quiet mornings all to yourself. Ticket products remind busy people to take time for the pleasure of small things!