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Bewley's Pure White Tea with Cranberry
Since Charles Bewley first imported tea in 1835, Bewley's of Dublin, Ireland, have been carefully selecting leaves from the world's finest tea gardens to achieve impeccable quality and flavor. Inspired by this spirit of excellence and expertise, Bewley's Master Blender now brings us their Pure White Tea with a hint of Cranberry.

White Tea is a premium quality tea produced in very limited quantities in select locations around the world. The new buds are plucked before they open. They then undergo a long, natural withering process and are dried. This natural maturation process gives this White Tea its unique, delicate flavor. As the the leaves are very young, White Tea is lower in caffeine. Cranberry is the perfect complement to this tea, adding a bright, fruity character and an appealing aroma.

  • 25 tea bags per carton.