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Black Pudding by Jolly Posh
We are delighted to introduce the finest quality Black Pudding from our new friends at Jolly Posh! This authentic traditional British specialty is rich, juicy and delicious. Worthy of the highest merit, this Black Pudding is lovingly made to Nick's traditional recipe using artisan methods, and is perfectly seasoned with onions, mace, white pepper and salt. Each Pudding is in an individual 12 oz tube, yielding 10-12 portions. Traditionally eaten as part of a Full English Breakfast, this Black Pudding is also brilliant in inventive Chef-inspired dishes for both lunch and dinner.

Jolly Posh was born after Nicholas Spencer moved to the USA from England, and began longing for the traditional taste of hearty, butchers-style sausages, and the lean, unique flavor of dry-cured back bacon. Nick's range of bangers, bacon and puddings reflect his heritage, and are lovingly and locally made in America to time-honored, traditional recipes. He started out by selling in local Chicago Farmers Markets, and has quickly grown Jolly Posh into a quintessential British food business with fans across the country.