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Wild Salmon in Chili Lime Sauce by Larsen
Salmon stands for delicious variety in the kitchen. This fish consorts with so many recipes like few others. The high content of omega-3 has beneficial effects on the cholesterol level.

It all started in Frederikshavn in Northern Jutland back in 1899. A fisherman called I. A. Larsen, who after simply selling his catch every day for years realized he could add value by starting up his own processing business. The development went from fishery to export and in the 1960s to also include production of processed fish.

Today, Larsen Seafood employs around 200 people in Germany, where the production facility is located. Since 2015 LARSEN belongs to the company "Christian i Grotinum" (CiG) from the Faroe Islands. A family-run company from the fish industry which has invested permanently in the expansion of the company. They process mainly fish from Nordic waters, such as mackerel, herring and salmon. Today they export to most of Europe and more than 30 countries around the globe.