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Brown Teff
The defining characteristic of Teff is the small size of this seed. In fact, the English translation of Teff from its Ethiopian origins means lost, because the seed is so tiny and easy to lose. Teff's small size makes harvesting difficult so it is an expensive grain. Teff is high in protein and carbohydrates and is a good source of calcium and iron. Teff has a slightly sweet and potent nutty flavor reminiscent of hazelnuts. This Teff is grown and processed in the United States. Since Teff is so fine in texture and difficult to chew, dry-roasting, soaking and sauteing are recommended prior to use.

In Ethiopia Teff is ground into a flour to make a simple flat bread called injera, which is a thin, spongy bread with a taste like sourdough. Teff makes a good morning cereal as it is similar to Cream of Wheat with even more nutrition. Due to its small size, it works well combined with other larger grains in a stuffing or a pilaf such as below. For best results, toast Teff prior to cooking.

Bring 4 cups of liquid and 1 cup of Teff to a boil. Reduce heat, simmer for 15-20 minutes until tender, stirring occasionally to prevent lumping. One cup dry yields 3 cups cooked.