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Mole Poblano Sauce by Hernan
Hernan's Mole Poblano is a blend of 28 chilies and spices balanced by nuts, chocolate, raisins, piloncillo (Mexican unrefined cane sugar), and other natural ingredients. A quintessential Mexican dish, Mole Poblano traditionally involves a laborious and time intensive process that Hernan has made accessible with their product. Created by nuns in a convent in colonial Mexico, the first Mole Poblano was put together in a hurry for a surprise visit by the archbishop. The nuns, frantic to impress their guest, ground and mixed together whatever ingredients they found in their cupboards. The resulting sauce was poured over a turkey to the archbishop’s delight. Today, Mole Poblano continues to be revered for its complex and robust flavors, and served on special occasions in Mexico.

Crafted in Mexico from 100% natural ingredients, Hernan’s product is made using traditional roasting and grounding methods that result in a thick spicy mole paste. The paste is presented in a 7.2 ounce jar – enough to use for a whole chicken. It can easily be combined with broth or water and in 4-8 minutes ready to serve with poultry, roasted pork, fish, grilled vegetables, and as enchilada sauce. Also recommended over huevos rancheros, or as empanada and tamale filling.