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Bolivia Colonial Caranavi Peaberry - Whole Bean
Bolivian Colonial Caranavi coffee is grown by local native farmers known as colonials. They are so named due to the 1991 governmental reform which allowed them to reacquire land taken from them by large landowners in the 1950s.

This coffee is grown in the Yungas region in the state of La Paz (12 hours from the capital), on the majestic Eastern ridge of the Andes mountain range, at elevations of 4,000 to 6,000 ft. This area is a humid sub-tropic forest. A total of 41 small organic coffee farms ranging from 3 to 11 acres produce this rare treat below a magnificent, lush mahogany forest. Each is certified organic and fair-traded. With no modern day pollution, all farming is done in accordance to methods designed to optimize quality without the use of chemical fertilizers.

This shade coffee is certified as bird-friendly by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center, which has developed strict criteria for evaluating shade coffee farms. The cherries are hand-picked during three harvest periods; March, May and August, and only when fully mature.

The organic farming coupled with the region's unusual micro-tropical climate produce a heavy-bodied and pleasantly spicy coffee with liquor-like character and a mild acidity.

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