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Bonito del Norte by Serrats (Spanish White Tuna)
Bonito is a breed of tuna that swims near the shore off northern Spain. This dolphin-safe, white meat tuna fish is the most valued fish in Northern Spain. There, bonito are caught by fishermen lining the shore, using bamboo rods with long lines. Many small, traditional boats also fill the bay, coming back to port to take their catch to the fish markets. At dawn, the best tunas are separated from the catch and prepared the very same day. This product from Serrats is only made from bonito caught from July to September, when the white tuna fishing season becomes a real economic and social event in the riverside villages.

A tremendous leap in quality from the regular tuna you get at the supermarket, note that this tuna is packed in olive oil in whole fillets, not mashed up slivers like most others. Once you taste this exquisite product, your opinion of tuna will change forever.