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Ginger Marmalade from Yakami Orchard
For ginger lover's only! Imported from Korea, this minimally processed marmalade keeps the fresh crunch and bright flavor of ginger in tact. This is an intense jam, with a strong ginger flavor and lingering heat. The crisp bite of the ginger is beautifully offset with the sweet jelly it's suspended in. We love it spread thinly on bread, but it's also a wonderful component to a range of dishes in the kitchen. You can use it simply and stir into yogurt or spoon over vanilla ice cream. Or let your imagination take hold and try it as a ginger glaze for chicken, duck, or pork. Blend a spoonful of ginger marmalade with grapeseed oil and a bit of white wine vinegar for a great vinaigrette for saucing grilled shellfish. The Ginger Marmalade from Yakami Orchard is also perfect for filling pastries, cakes, or making sandwich cookies.