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JB's Best Bloody Mary Mix
JB’s Best has expanded and is now the proud creator of a classic Bloody Mary drink mixer. Made with the juice of Ohio tomatoes, as well as Ohio-grown horseradish root, it’s a clean, delicious, well-balanced mixer with just the right mix of flavors for your next Bloody Mary! The new JB’s Best line comes from the same company that created and markets Vino de Milo, the specialty food leader in wine-based specialty foods. Founded in 2003 by Jonathan Milo Leal, Vino de Milo has grown from his original three pasta sauces into a full line of made-from-scratch products, encompassing salad dressings, pasta sauces, bruschetta toppings, salsas, and BBQ sauces. Unlike many food companies, Vino di Milo makes all of the products themselves, using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.