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Chocolate Capri Log by Westfield Farm
If the notion of a semi-sweet chocolate goat cheese appeals to you, you will positively fall in love with this new creation from Westfield Farm. Fresh goat cheese is blended with bittersweet Venenzuelan chocolate. Rich and creamy with a slightly goaty tang, be forewarned, these five ounce logs are addictive.

Westfield Farm has been handcrafting award-winning farmstead cheeses in Hubbardston, Massachusetts since 1971. Located on 20 acres in the central part of the state, the farm turns out a little over 900 pounds of cheese per week. Cheesemaker Dave Cass is very proud of Westfield's many national awards, including Best of Show at the American Cheese Society's 1996 annual convention.

Chocolate Capri took 1st Place at the 2003 American Cheese Society Awards in the Flavored Goat Cheese category.

  • Made from goat's milk.
  • Photo depicts whole 5 oz. log of cheese.