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Pont L'Eveque AOP by Isigny Sainte-Mere
One of Normandy's classic cheeses, Pont L'Eveque is a soft cheese with a washed rind. Once out of its mold, the cheeses are turned manually every day. They are scrubbed on the seventh day, which gives the rind its distinctive amber color. The cheeses are subsequently transferred to a cellar for one to four weeks to develop their full flavor as they ripen.

No-one can miss it: Isigny Sainte-Mere’s milk is like white gold! And this superb raw material continues to be enriched by all the know-how which is brought to bear as it passes through the Co-operative’s skilled hands. Of these, the part played by the Master Cheesemakers ensures that Isigny Sainte-Mere cheeses get the best possible start. Once the cheeses have been eased through the initial stages and out of their moulds, the care and attention they receive while maturing is equally crucial: this is what allows a Camembert or an AOP Pont l’Eveque to develop just the right color and smell. In short, this is when they fill out and become full-bodied cheeses. All Isigny cheeses are matured in special cellars before being graded by hand. They are then sold on with the exact degree of ripeness specified by the customer.