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Green Island Danish Crumbly Blue - Pound Cut
This excellent Danish Blue ("Danablu") is made by St. Clemens Dairy, a cheese producer founded by in 1950 on Denmark's island of Bornholm. Bornholm is nicknamed "the Sunshine Island" because its remote position in the middle of the Baltic Sea gives it a special sunlight and more hours of daylight than just about anywhere else in Scandinavia. This exposure to the sun creates the island's lush grazing pastures. Green Island Danish Crumbly Blue comes from the milk of the cows that graze on these pristine grasslands.

Green Island Blue is the consummate salad cheese, excellent crumbled atop a bed a leafy greens and drizzled with balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. This predominantly white cheese has a delicate network of blue-green veins. Green Island Blue develops a complex, earthy flavor during its 8-12 week maturation period. Its crumbly texture and more-mild-than-Roquefort flavor exemplifies why this Danish blue cheese has made such an indelible mark in the culinary world. Green Island Danish Crumbly Blue can be used as a special dessert cheese with fresh fruits like strawberries, pears, or peaches. It is also great in recipes that call for Crumbly Blue or Roquefort.

St. Clemens Dairy has won numerous prestigious awards for its Green Island Danish Crumbly Blue, most recently capturing Gold at the 2014 World Cheese Championships in 2014.

  • Made from pasteurized cow's milk.
  • Photo depicts whole 6 lb. form of cheese.