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Vermont Cultured Butter with Sea Salt
The Vermont Creamery uses only the freshest local cream to make its world-class butters. They gently pasteurize the cream and add a bacterial culture to start the process of turning cream to butter. The fermenting cream rests for nine to sixteen hours to produce a complex blend of flavor compounds, making this butter so unique. After fermentation, the cream is churned into butter and the Atlantic sea salt crystals are added. This salt, harvested from tidal pools off the coast of Haiti, enhances the flavor of the butter and gives it an artisanal, marbled appearance. Finally, the butter is cut, wrapped in parchment paper, and packed by hand in a small, handmade wooden basket.

This butter is the "Grand Cru" of all Vermont Butters. Crunchy pieces of flavorful salt combined with incredibly creamy and delicate butter creates a perfect harmony as the butter melts in your mouth and the grains of salt crunch between your teeth. Serve a dollop atop grilled meats, melt it over shrimp or lobster, or try it in cookie recipes.

This product is KOF-K certified Kosher.

Awarded 3rd Place in the American Cheese Society 2007 Awards in the Salted Cow's Milk Butters category.