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Mozzarella di Bufala DOP by Casearia Casabianca
Azienda Agricola Casabianca is located in Lazio, south of the Agro Pontino area in a pristine valley of green pastures of the Plain of Fondi- just 3 km. from the Mediterranean coast and close to the National Park of Circeo. Mediterranean buffalos have been bred here as long as anyone can remember - in fact, water buffalos were introduced to southern Italy around the year 1000.

This spectacular fresh stretched curd cheese is DOP, which means it is produced under strict guidelines. The DOP production area extends from southern Lazio to the northern part of Campania, and some areas of Apulia.

Enjoy this authentic buffalo milk mozzarella with prosciutto and salami, on pizza, in a sandwich, or our favorite, simply with fresh tomato and basil and EVOO.

  • Please note this product is flown in fresh from Italy and typically has a short shelf life. Best enjoyed within 7 days of delivery.