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Alpine Flowers Honey by Mieli Thun
Andrea Paternoster founded Mieli Thun to highlight single variety Italian honeys. Travelling throughout Italy according to natural flowering cycles, Andrea and his bees are helping to lead a renaissance in artisanal honey-making: the quintessence of the art of gathering honey.

Mountain flower (fiori delle alpi) honey comes from the Brenta Dolomites in the province of Trentino in Italy. This very special honey is only produced in July and August. The plethora of mountain flowers provide nectar for the bees resulting in a unique honey. According to Andrea, "It has a clear scent of Indian ink and cooked artichoke. A typical flavor, elegant but firm, with a predominance of rhubarb. Not very sweet, its long flavor cycle finishes off with the total harmony of all of the senses."