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Mountain Gorgonzola DOP
From Italy's Lombardy region, we present Mountain Gorgonzola, a sharp and tangy cheese. Like many cheeses, this cheese takes its name from the local town where it was created, Gorgonzola, just south of Milan. There, a simple fresh cheese was made for generations, until a few forgotten wheels were found to have turned blue with mold. This edible mold was a natural part of the terroir, coming from the local caves of Valsassina. Upon tasting the moldy cheese, the local dairymen found it to be delicious, and allowed their wheels to go moldy on purpose. Thus Stracchino di Gorgonzola, Italy's most famous blue cheese, was born.

Today the cheese is more well-known than the town, and not without reason. Made of cow's milk, this thick, sliceable blue has a fudgey texture and gentle blue bite. Not as sharp as Roquefort or as pungent as Stilton, Mountain Gorgonzola is a consistently delightful cheese that will convert even non-blue cheese eaters into fans. As it ages, the 14 lb drums of cheese are gently washed with a saltwater brine, allowing the cheese to stay moist and smooth. This also gives Mountain Gorgonzola its thin, pinkish-red rind. With its white interior laced with streaks of blue, Mountain Gorgonzola is an attractive table cheese and a savory ingredient in your favorite salad. Gorgonzola takes very well to fruits, especially figs and pears. Or try it the Italian way-– alone on a plate drizzled with honey.

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