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Size: 8 pounds
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Free-Range Organic Whole Chickens (2 birds) by Blackwing
100% USDA Certified Organic Free Range Chicken by Blackwing are hormone and antibiotic-free products. These chickens are raised on family farms in Pennsylvania's Amish country and eat an all-natural diet of organic soy beans and corn. They are fed no animal by-products, as each young chicken eats only certified organic feed for its entire life. Processing at 6 weeks assures tenderness. Blackwing goes even further to make sure their chicken is top quality by using a third party certifier to approve all ingredients. Each bird is tracked from egg to your door. Discover a delicious taste difference that separates Blackwing Chicken from all of the others.

Approximately 4 pounds each, the box contains two whole birds ready for stuffing and baking or hooking up to the rotisserie.

Flash frozen and shipped with 10 pounds of dry ice for safe delivery to your door; We guarantee it! Blackwing items ship separately from the rest of your order and cost $35 for expedited frozen handling. An incremental $10 will be added for each additional Blackwing item or collection you add to your cart after the first one.