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Carr's English Table Water Crackers - Half-Box
The story of Carr's Biscuits began during the British Industrial Revolution, when Jonathan Carr formed a small bakery in the city of Carlisle, England in 1831. The business thrived, and it became so popular that only 10 years later it was granted Queen Victoria's Royal Warrant, an award that has been granted to Carr's by British royalty continuously since that time.

Ever since then, Carr's crackers have made holiday parties, wedding receptions, birthdays, and even less formal moments just a bit more special. Carr's can bring the same special feeling to any gathering, formal or not-so-formal.

Crunchy and mild: the perfect cheese cracker! Pack a box for your next afternoon picnic. Bring the refined crunch to an office party. Add some crackle to movie night. Take a new nosh to book club. Delight your next potluck with homemade hors d'oeuvres. No matter the occasion, Carr's pairs well with any gathering.

Kosher Dairy. Non GMO. Certfied Sustainable Palm Oil.