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Trudy Ann's Tandoori Masala - All Organic Ingredients
This prized recipe was handed to Trudy Ann by her cousin, passed down many generations. It is made with fourteen dry roasted organic ingredients, ground and blended by hand. A pantry staple among Indian cooks, there are many unique recipes for Tandoori Masala, but this one is incredible and authentic. This masala will help you make a Tandoori dish delicious and memorable. It is made from a secret combination of organic spices, including cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, cumin, mustard, bay leaf, star anise, fennel, turmeric, coriander, ajwain, paprika, ginger, and garlic.

Trudy Ann was born in Bombay, India, which is now named Mumbai. As a child, Trudy Ann fondly remembers her Grandma Monica insisting tea promptly at four - straight after siesta time. In 1988, her Aunt Pramila served her the perfect cup of masala chai. The masala (a mix of spices) is brewed with the chia (tea). From that moment, Trudy Ann became an instant masala chai lover. Today, Trudy Ann and her family continue this tradition, with friends coming over for a 4 PM cup of tea. Trudy Ann has worked hard to create the perfect blend of spices for masala chai, making it in small batches with all organic ingredients. Then the spice and tea bags are sealed and stamped by hand. After making her chai and spices for friends and family, Trudy Ann began a business after moving to Vancouver.