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Baby Borgonzola by Eiffel Tower
Borgonzola is a triple cream Canadian cheese with roots firmly planted in Italy. It is made with penicillium roqueforti so Borgonzola's interior resembles that of a typical blue. But, this unique cheese is also made with penicillium candidum so it is soft-ripened, making Borgonzola the best of two worlds. In every bite, the velvety blue mold paste delivers a gentle zip of sharpness, while the smooth, bloomy rind accounts for Borgonzola's lusciously mild and creamy flavor, reminiscent of Brie.

Very versatile, Borgonzola is a stand-out on the cheese board with crackers, crusty bread, and fruit, but it can also be used in any recipe calling for blue cheese. Borgonzola also makes a delicious pizza or pasta topping, and is a must-try for fans of sweet Gorgonzola, Cambozola, or Blue Castello.

  • Made from pasteurized cow's milk.