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Cranberry, Port & Pecan Compote by Wildly Delicious
French-style compotes are the perfect complement to a cheese platter, served as a finishing sauce, or over turkey. The warm woody character of Port accentuates tart cranberries in a compote created to complement both goat and cream cheeses. Repackaged, redesigned and reformulated, this compote is now preservative free with deeper richer colour, perfect texture and outstanding flavour. Although this compote is delicious with cheese, it is an extremely versatile product, and imagination is your only boundary!

As Wildly Delicious embarks on a new era as a company, they have redesigned the majority of their products to be simpler, cleaner, preservative and additive free versions of their former selves. At the same time, they have tailored some product lines while expanding others to give their customers the best product offerings that 20 years of experience can provide.