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A L'Olivier Fruit Vinegar
Specialists in oils, vinegars, and condiments since 1822, A L'Olivier now introduces their new line of innovative fruit vinegars. Thick, fresh, and full of fruit pulp, these unique vinegars will add a delicious burst of fruit to your favorite salads and savory dishes. These have been an instant success in igourmet's kitchen, and we're confident just one taste will be enough to get you hooked. The only question is, with seven delicious and tempting varieties to choose from, which to try first?

Passion Fruit
Our new passion! A lovely vinegar which brings fresh, fruity flavors to the table. Great on grilled seafood and shellfish, and combines beautifully with infused oils to create unique dressings.

Fantastic with duck and grilled chops, the rich raspberry flavors also pair well with our blue cheeses, and of course on salads.

A staff lunchtime favorite, this vinegar is simply delectable with aged and blue cheeses, poultry, and salads, especially when all of these are combined!

Black Currant (Cassis)
Full-flavored berry taste and vivid purple color; pairs equally well with salads, duck, or pork.

Fruity golden relish: pair with salads and grains or combine with ginger and fruits for chutney.

Espelette Pepper
Spicy, peppery tang - made from the famous pepper of the Basque region; for dressing salads, eggs or meats.

Varieties sold separately