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Organic Modena Mother Vinegar
Vinegar has been used for more than 5,000 years as part of an everyday diet. History is full of references and recipes about the use of vinegar not only as a preservative or a condiment but also as a remedy and a cure for a variety of symptoms. Recent scientific studies have shown several health benefits of this ancient ingredient: from treating acid reflux, antiglycemic properties and naturally anti-oxidant thanks to the presence of pholyphenol.

In order to maintain the superior taste and benefits unaltered, Acetum uses only the best selected Italian Organic grapes and apples. Acetum Organic Apple Cider, Red and White Wine Vinegars are unfiltered and unpasteurized to provide the most genuine and healthy vinegar and preserve the presence of the "Mother" in the product. The Mother is what starts the natural fermentation of grape juice into vinegar. There are a number of reputed benefits for the Mother of vinegar. These vinegars are delicious to dress salads and vegetables, as well as grilled meats, and are perfect for deglazing a pan. Choose from:

  • Organic Red Wine Vinegar
  • Organic White Wine Vinegar
  • Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
Varieties Sold Separately
Gluten Free & GMO Free