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Acetum Honey & Ginger Condiment
This new honey and ginger condiment from Acetum was born with the union of the components of balsamic vinegar (grape musts and wine vinegar) along with the delicate sweetness of Millefiori honey and delightful spice of ginger. It is in the lost valleys north of Modena where bees retrieve the nectar and pollen of many diverse flowers for producing Millefiori honey, characterized by its amber color and particular delicate flavor. The crystallized sugars contained in the honey lightly renders the condiment and leaves a cloudy sediment on the bottom of the bottle which disappears when shook. Ginger, the root characterized by its cane like shafts, grows in tropical and subtropical climates on offshoots, which grow underground. They are rich in aromatic oils and have a zesty taste. The extracts of ginger in this condiment truly bestows a certain warmth to the product, or more rather an exquisite tasting note. Fabulous on crunchy salads, grilled fish & poultry, steamed and roasted veggies!