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Rustic Bakery Flatbreads
Flatbreads are traditionally hand-made in wood-fired oven kilns and served with an assortment of dips and vegetables. These flatbreads are from Rustic Bakery in California. Hand-made with fresh quality ingredients, their distinctive flavor is best appreciated with your favorite dips, pates, cheeses, and antipasto treats. Varieties include:
  • Sweet Onion and Crème Fraiche Sourdough: Sweet organic onions are mellowed by careful roasting in Rustic's ovens. Using Straus Dairy cream to make their own crème fraiche contributes to the wonderful taste of this flavor. Fantastic pairings include cheeses such as Brillat Savarin, Cave Aged Gruyere or Emmental.
  • Kalamata Olive Sourdough: This delicious flat bread is made using Divina organic olives which are hand pitted and minced, then kneaded into the bread. The result is a true olive flavor which complements cheeses like fresh Chevre, Humboldt Fog and creamy Crescenza.
  • Rosemary and Olive Oil Sourdough: This flatbread combines the classic Mediterranean flavors of rosemary and olive oil. The sweet, fresh, dried rosemary leaves are kneaded into the dough, giving this flatbread its unique aroma. Cheese pairings are creamy Ricotta, fresh Asiago Pressato or California's own Teleme.
  • Olive Oil and Sel Gris Sourdough: The most neutral of all the flavors, it basically complements all cheeses and spreads and is a great palate cleanser. Using grey sea salt from France, this flatbread has beneficial trace minerals found only in this natural sea salt.
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