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Busseto Hot Sopressata
Busseto's Hot Sopressata is slowly air-dried and seasoned to perfection. The Busseto Foods Company is named after a quaint village in Northern Italy. Their mission is to produce top quality specialty meat products based on traditional recipes that are centuries old. Everyday, Busseto Foods relies on time-honored methods to create the best products available. And still, Busseto Foods is bringing new innovations to their product line with new recipes and ingredients that will bring intrigue and excitement to even the most daring or sophisticated palate.

Produced in an efficient, state of the art facility in California, Busseto Hot Sopressata will your every craving. This award winning pork sausage by Busseto lives up to its hot name. The classic coarse-ground, European-style salami is spiced with a bite! Your taste buds come alive with the combination of red chile peppers, wine, and dried fennel. Hot Calabrese Sopressata is perfect for antipasto platters, sandwiches, and crumbled into pasta sauces. A fiery taste you will not soon forget.

Refrigerate after opening. Gluten Free.