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Taza Organic Stone Ground Chocolate Disc
Taza is a true bean-to-bar chocolate maker located in Somerville, Massachusetts, and is the only maker of 100% stone ground chocolate in the United States. Taza sources organically grown cacao beans directly from small farmer cooperatives ensuring those farmers receive more than fair trade prices for their high quality cacao. Taza is uniquely positioned as one of the only independently owned, socially, and environmentally responsible chocolate makers in the country. Taza Chocolate's unique texture comes from antique Mexican stone mills. Each millstone is hand-dressed to bring out the maximum flavor potential from the cacao beans.

Taza's chocolate-making process is designed to capture the true flavor of the cacao bean by minimally processing the chocolate every step of the way. By putting care into the entire process, from the sourcing of ingredients from proud farmers, to molding finished chocolate bars, Taza is dedicated to quality, and to serving customers, local communities, and the environment.

Taza's take on the infamous Ibarra disc, this is the simplest, most delicious chocolate you'll ever taste. Made only with their Mexican stone mills (molinos), this chocolate contains only three ingredients: roasted cocoa beans, cane sugar, and a unique spice. Whip up a rich, authentic taza de chocolate mexicano, or eat it as is!

Many varieties are available, each sold separately, including: Cinnamon, Chile, Almond, and Vanilla.

USDA organic and Direct tradeā„¢ Certified.

Gluten, Soy, and Dairy-free.

Varieties Sold Separately.

Out of Stock Varieties:Pure Cacao