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Comte AOP Reserve 10 Month Aged
Comte is an Alpine cheese similar to Swiss Gruyère but made across the border in the French Jura region. Flavors vary in intensity based on the season, production techniques and, most importantly, age. This 10 Month Reserve from Seignemartin is a terrific example, offering persistent notes of apricot, hazelnuts and toffee. A wonderfully versatile cheese, Comte Reserve is great for snacking as well as for cooking. It also pairs well with almost any wine, especially whites and light-bodied reds.

Comté is made in a unique manner. Its milk is delivered from the farm to fruitières daily, where cheese is made. It is then passed on to affineurs who age the cheese in optimal conditions. Seignemartin's maître affineur (cave master) supervises each and every wheel with constant care. Salting, rubbing, flipping, and monitoring are all key components of the aging process for this spectacular French cheese.

  • Made from unpasteurized cow's milk; aged for a minimum of 10 months
  • Whole form is 70 pounds.
  • We cut and wrap this item by hand.