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Pumpkin Chevre by Montchevre

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This fun Wisconsin pumpkin chevre is the ultimate cheese for the fall. This creamy goat cheese is perfectly balanced with pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice. A great addition to any holiday spread!

Master cheese-maker Jean Rossard has established a perfectly balanced recipe for Montchevré’s fresh goat cheese logs, and each is made with full respect for traditional French cheese making techniques. Once the prime quality milk has been collected from their network of independent Wisconsin family farms, it is slowly drained and folded with high-quality ingredients to ensure the rich and smooth texture that chefs and consumers know and love. The Montchevré team is constantly looking for new ways to innovate their fresh goat cheese line by blending this traditionally French cheese with bright flavors that appeal to the American palate. Their award-winning, fresh goat cheese logs come in many fun and delicious flavors that are sure to be a perfect addition to a variety of your favorite meals.

Certified Kosher by Tablet-K.