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Scarpato Panettone Ciocco Pera - 1 Kilo

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Scarpato's perfect marriage of pear and dark chocolate drops is perfecly added to this naturally leavened panettone. This little slice of heaven is beautifully presented in a brown and green satin bag with a green satin bow and pear with chocolate decoration.

The law says that in order to be called a true Italian panettone, a product must be made with sourdough. With the Decree of July 22, 2005, adopted jointly by the Ministry of productive activities and the Ministry of agriculture and forestry, a specific legislation is instituted for the protection of some of the most famous traditional Italian confectionery specialties.

This is why Scarpato uses only natural yeast, handed down from 1888 and refreshed every day of the year by their chefs, with the addition of water and flour, to always give new nourishment to microorganisms that release natural components and create the rising of the dough. Scarpato sourdough is our treasure.

The natural yeast is a mixture of water and flour, brewed by the microflora of yeasts and virtuous lactic bacteria and is our special ingredient to create a panettone or colomba of the highest quality. The difference compared with industrial products is noticeable in the bouquet and taste, in the shelf life of the product and in its digestibility.

The Scarpato Panettone:

Is tasty and fragrant - the constant action of the microflora releases greater amount of aromatic substances.

It is storable - natural yeast microorganisms from white mother are natural anti-mold agents.

It is digestible - microorganisms attack the gluten and make it more digestible.

In Confectionery Scarpato, making panettone requires three days. Three days of calm, patience, care and respect of natural cycles.

Suitable for Vegetarians.