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Gochujang Fermented Hot Chili Paste by Roland
Gochujang is similar to a chili flavored miso paste. Like miso, it has a strong umami flavor. Since it is a paste, Gochujang's intense flavor and thick texture should be thinned out with oil, stock or water to make it into a delectable sauce. Traditionally, Gochujang Paste is used in marinades for Korean barbecue or added to dipping sauces. It is also typically added to Korean soups and stews to add heat and texture.

To make your own Bibimbap chili sauce, combine Roland Gochujang Paste with sesame oil, cider vinegar, minced garlic, sugar, sesame seeds and water in a pot and bring to a boil. Use the sauce to coat chicken wings, tacos or any other food that needs a blast of heat.

Refrigerate after opening. The paste normally darkens after opening.