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German Whole Grain Rye Bread by Ruhrtaler
Germans love hearty, dark, nutritious bread that's high in protein. In fact, in Germany there are more than 300 varieties of bread. German breads are made from top-quality whole grain rye flour and are baked slowly in steam-heated ovens; a long process that brings out the bread's distinctive darker color, nutty taste, and moist, firm texture. The baking process is based on century-old baking methods, yet uses high-tech equipment to ensure consistent high quality. Already pre-sliced, Whole Grain Rye bread can be served instead of crackers with cheese, or topped with vegetable spreads, cheese spreads, pat├ęs, or cured meats. Also great toasted!

Ingredients: whole rye, water, natural sourdough (rye flour & water), salt, yeast. No preservatives.